dcflash Library

dcflash is an open source (MIT license, meaning commercial use with no restrictions allowed) actionscript 2 library primarily for drawing charts. There are also some modules for statistics, which come in both actionscript 2 and javascript versions.

Yeah, I know, this page gives new meaning to the word "plain"... The charts the library makes are much, much flashier. Honest. (A volunteer to make this page pretty would be welcome.)

STOP PRESS! A first release! Get it while its raw! Be the first to post a bug report!

This first release contains AS2 classes for pie charts (including 3D pie charts with transparency support), node graphs, statistics (with a finance industry focus), and a few support classes. The statistics class is also available in javascript.

The classes and functions are heavily documented, javadoc-style, in the code. Example usage can be found in the tests subdirectory.

This release should be thought of as alpha because the public API of the classes may still change. However the code quality is generally either beta or stable production quality.

Download the actionscript 2 files or the javascript/actionscript 1 files.

New (2006-12-22): A tutorial is now online. It deals with the fundamentals of using the Line, Shape and Gradient class, and should be a first stop for users of the library.

To see what the library can do I suggest visiting http://dcook.org/work/charts/. You can also visit the SourceForge site at https://sourceforge.net/projects/dcflash/. If you want to be kept informed how about signing up for the dcflash-announce (https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/dcflash-announce) or dcflash-user list?

Last Update: 2006-11-30 by Darren Cook.